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Why to choose MediSign

Cost effective and flexible

Low monthly cost for all available packages. No contracts are required. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want, taking all your data.

Easy to use

MediSign is a Cloud-based software. No need to install any software. You do not need special equipment and maintenance. You only need an internet connection.

Secure and reliable

Your data is stored in modern servers and is accessible wherever you are. Backup is always available.


Get support whenever you need it. Your opinion counts on any application upgrade.


Easily search patient by giving just a few letters of his/her name.

Easily check for synonyms when inserting a new patient.

EHR includes: Demographics and patient photo, Personal history, Hereditary and family history, Gynecological history, Habits and way of life. Detailed information about Current disease is saved in Cases and Visits section.

The address of the patient can be found using Google Maps.

Ability to attach any kind of document or image in EHR. Storage space 5GB or more.

We offer a comprehensive secretariat which contains: Appointments, Task scheduling, Contacts and Archive.

This tool is easy to use and can increase your productivity.

Appointments are displayed in a planner, which may have the form of day, week or month.

You can search appointments with several criteria (status, doctor, timeframe, etc).

As the information recorded increases, you can visualize your data, using various statistical reports. Examples include: Patients per year, Patients per month, Gender distribution etc.

We offer an easy to use management system for Revenue and Expenses.

You can manage the Ιnsurance Organizations with which you work (public or private).

If desired, the receipts from medical visits recorded automatically on Revenue.

The Statements of Medical Visits are created dynamically. You can export the data to Excel and then create any report is required.


Adapting to the users requirements

MediSign is ICD10 ready. However, you can use your own terms, which are added automatically to the database and remain available.

The same applies to medicines and medical procedures.

Three pricing plans are available for any medical practice.

If your office has a secretariat or if you are working with other doctors (polyclinic), you can select one of ADVANCED PLAN or ENTERPRISE PLAN packages, which allow you to create additional users (physician, secretary, accountant).

You can change your pricing package at any time.

You can cancel your subscription whenever you want, taking all your data.

Plans and pricing

Base Plan

€10/per month

2 months FREE Trial
Extra users: no
5 GB disk space for files
24x7 support

Advanced Plan

€14/per month

2 months FREE Trial
Extra users: 5
10 GB disk space for files
24x7 support

Enterprise Plan

€21/per month

2 months FREE Trial
Extra users: 20
30 GB disk space for files
24x7 support
Every plan offers unlimited number of patients.
The above prices are final and not subject to VAT.


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